And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don’t feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong
And how can the world want me to change
They’re the ones that stay the same 
They don’t know me ‘Cause I’m not here






  1. Disney didn’t kill the EU.
  2. The EU hasn’t died unless you and everyone else let it die.
  3. Lucasfilm made the decision to create new stories.

Get to know these facts.

I spent a good minute staring at this trying to work out how Disney could possibly kill the European Union.

I also wondered what Disney had done to the European Union…..still don’t know what OP is talking about??

The EU = Expanded Universe. I’m guessing this refers to all of the post-Return of the Jedi Star Wars novels etc that have been written as, technically, the new films will essentially “erase” their canon. Some of them are AMAZING, and it’s all pretty epic. Having read a lot of them as a teenager, I’ll always have a fondness for them. But the OP is right - the EU won’t die.

ooooooh I see. I figured Star Wars from the Lucasfilm mention but I couldn’t work out what it stood for. I only read Jedi Apprentice and that’s set before Episode I